A season of limited success and championships ended for 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce.

 Kelce, a revered icon in Philadelphia's sports community, has considered retiring in recent seasons.

Coach Nick Sirianni reportedly sent a beer to Kelce's residence as an incentive for his return in 2024

The Associated Press was informed by three sources who wished to remain anonymous that Kelce had made the decision.

His brother Travis Kelce co-hosts the "New Heights" podcast, where Kelce is expected to reveal his decision.

Kelce has been a reliable member of the Eagles' offensive line since his selection in the sixth round of the 2011 draft.

He was the driving force behind the documentary titled "Kelce" and has also participated in the production of a podcast.

 Kelce is a well-liked individual from Philadelphia, known for his singing of popular holiday songs and serving as a celebrity barman.