CelticsBlog reports that the Boston Celtics have traded for Jaden Springer from the Philadelphia 76ers and sent Banton to Portland.

Through a trade, the Celtics have acquired a wing player from the 76ers. Hello, my name is Jaden Springer. 

What the Boston Celtics Can Anticipate Relating to the Trade of James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers - Sports Illustrated Boston Celtics News, Analysis, and More 

Harden wins three points in overtime, and the 76ers tie the series with the Celtics | Harden won three points in overtime. 

The New Yorker presents an in-depth analysis of Joel Embiid and the narrative of the National Basketball Association playoffs. 

With Embiid's 52-point performance, the Sixers were able to defeat the Celtics by a score of 103-101 | NEWS10 ABC 

Embiid scores 52 points as the Sixers defeat the Celtics and the Bucks stay close to the top spot in the East | Arab News 

Following the Sixers' victory over the Celtics, Embiid scored 52 points, which allowed the Bucks to move up to the top spot in the standings.