It was a source of frustration for Smith-Cameron, who plays Gerri on Succession, that their characters never actually dated.

 Culkin interrupted Smith-Cameron's interview with Variety, expressing his admiration for Culkin and his preference for him.

Smith-Cameron previously discussed her strong connection with Culkin while filming, stating that they engaged in consistent flirtation while on set.

 Smith-Cameron praised Culkin as an exceptional acting collaborator and praised their outstanding storyline.

Culkin said the characters did not flirt initially, but he wanted a sexual or romantic relationship in season one.

In order to satisfy your thirst, J. Smith-Cameron has read all of the thirsty tweets that you have received and gone through them all.

Succession’ Star J. Smith-Cameron on How Improv With Kieran Culkin Started the Gerri-Roman Relationship By Michael Schneider Plus Icon

J. Smith-Cameron asserts that succession and the act of being a sex symbol at the age of 65 are becoming more prevalent in today's society.