Iranian authorities deny any involvement in facilitating Whitney Wright's visit to Iran, claiming she was granted a visa like any other foreign citizen.

The individuals assert that they were not aware of Wright's "obscene" profession, which they consider to be "obscene."

 Wright's posts, characterized by her strong condemnation of Israel, have provoked outrage among Iranian exiles due to her adherence to the stringent Islamic dress code for women.

Iranian dissident Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for allegedly violating dress regulations, criticized Wright for being fully veiled in her photos.

Association Femme Azadi, a France-based organization for Iranian women, reported that Tehran invited Wright to promote the Islamic republic.

Foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani refuted having any knowledge about her journey, but acknowledged that there are no restrictions on Americans visiting Iran.

Wright responded to criticism by stating that sharing photos of her trip does not imply she is promoting Iranian propaganda.