An oil tanker, St Nikolas, was allegedly boarded by individuals wearing masks and army uniforms near Oman.

The UK Maritime Trade Operations reported a loss of communication with the vessel due to "unidentified voices."

 The incident occurred in the waters between Oman and Iran, a crucial route for international oil trade.

Iran has previously seized ships in the Strait of Hormuz, an important maritime passage.

 The tanker, formerly known as Suez Rajan, was en route from the Iraqi port of Basra to its intended destination in Turkey.

The tanker, under the management of Empire Navigation, was laden with 145,000 metric tonnes of crude oil and had a crew of 18 Filipinos and one Greek individual.

The US confiscated the St. Nikolas in April as a measure to enforce sanctions against Iran.

The incident is distinct from the assaults conducted by Houthi insurgents originating from Yemen in the Red Sea.

The US and UK have suggested military intervention against Yemen's Houthi rebels in response to their most significant assault to date.