After beating Egypt by a score of 6-4, India successfully defended their fifth-place finish in the FIH Hockey 5s Men's World Cup.

 Goals from Mohammed Raheel, Pawan Rajbhar, Maninder Singh, Mandeep Mor, and Uttam Singh contributed to India's 2-0 lead.

 Egypt's captain, Amr Sayed, scored in the 14th and 19th minutes, Mostafa Ragab in the 23rd minute, and Karim Atef in the 24th minute.

India's momentum persisted as Maninder Singh, Mandeep Mor, and Uttam Singh swiftly scored goals, widening India's lead.

Maninder Singh managed to thwart Egypt's forceful offensives, which resulted in India taking a 6-2 lead in the match.

Egypt's rapid goals were scored by Mostafa Ragab and Karim Atef, prompting India to focus on defense and maintain their advantage.

One of the most important factors in India's ability to keep their lead till the end of the match was their defense.