The Ram Temple in Ayodhya is set to inaugurate, with the sacred idol of Ram Lalla to be introduced.

Beginning on January 23, the temple will be open to the public for a viewing experience that is referred to as "darshan."

 Nagabhushan Reddy, a resident of Hyderabad, has crafted a large laddu to be presented at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

 The idol of Lord Ram Lalla will be introduced inside the Ram Temple for the first time during the Pran Pratishtha ceremony.

In this photograph, which was taken at night, the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya appeared to be absolutely breathtaking. 

The construction of the sanctum sanctorum at the Ayodhya Ram Temple is getting really close to being finished.

In addition to having 360 pillars, the Ayodhya Temple will also have pink stones imported from Rajasthan.

On the site of the destroyed Babri mosque in India, a Ram temple is scheduled to open its doors in January.