In 2023, scientists utilized AI, machine learning, and new expertise to uncover top historical mysteries, making headlines as they solved these once anomalies.

A 5000-year-old female skeleton in Seville, Spain, was initially thought to be male, but DNA testing revealed true gender and tooth enamel analysis revealed gender discrepancies.

AI algorithms have uncovered the Nazca Lines, a massive irrigation system, challenging previous theories about their ceremonial or astronomical significance, revealing agricultural secrets.

Researchers at the University of Nebraska used AI and 3D tomography to decipher the Herculaneum Scrolls, a 1100-burnt scroll from the Vesuvius eruption.

Technology revealed Stonehenge's celestial connections and astronomical significance in 2023, solving centuries of historical and archaeological mysteries.

DNA analysis of Ötzi, the Iceman, challenged popular beliefs about his appearance, revealing dark skin, eyes, baldness, intestinal parasites, rib fractures, and dental issues.

LiDAR technology has revealed hidden structures and pathways in Machu Picchu, providing insights into the ancient Incan citadel's layout and role in Incan civilization.

Scientists discovered a genetic link between Americans and Eurasian groups, revealing new insights into ancient populations from DNA extracted from a Siberian deer bone.