Actress Hwang Jung Eum, a former AKP employee, has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband, Lee Young Don.

She posted five new photos of Lee Young Don on her Instagram, with the first showing him holding a baby. 

The photographs were taken with a variety of mobile devices, and Hwang Jung Eum included commentary on both his past and his present. 

It has been confirmed by Hwang Jung Eum's agency, Y1 Entertainment, that the actress has made the decision to divorce.  

Y1 Entertainment, Hwang Jung EuThe couple, who began their relationship in 2015, had their first son in August 2017 m's agency, confirmed the actress's decision to divorce 

In 2020, rumors of divorce surrounded the couple, but they reconciled through mediation in July 2021 

During the month of March in the year 2022, the couple became parents for the second time when they became parents to their second child, a son.  

Hwang Jung Eum's most recent role was in the SBS drama "The Escape of the Seven," which is set to debut in March.