vThe Schwarzwald, a densely populated landscape along the Rhine River, is a popular setting for mythological creatures and the Bavarian culture, influencing many fairy tales.

Visitors to Wychwood Forest experience invisible hands touching their shoulders and thundering horses. Amy Robsart's ghost predicted her death, leading to Earl of Leicester's sudden illness.

A 40-foot ring near Harper's Crossroads is believed to be haunted by the devil, causing the forest floor to be barren and causing objects to disappear overnight.

Victoria Boys School in Kurseong, India, is haunted by unexplained footsteps and Dow Hill forest activity, with visitors experiencing creepy sensations while exploring the woods.

Hoia-Baciu, Romania's "Bermuda Triangle," is a haunted forest named after a shepherd who disappeared. Its twisted trees and circular clearing suggest a portal for the unseeking.

The Island of the Dolls, located in Mexico City, is adorned with hundreds of dolls, believed to be haunting or protective, and accessible via a ferry terminal.

Hiking trail in forest south of Augusta leads to railroad right-of-way, haunted by light orbs, unexplained voices, and ghost of "Bicycle Larry."

Freetown-Fall River State Forest, part of the Bridgewater Triangle, is known for its beautiful hiking trails and scenic views, but also has a dark past involving satanic rituals.

Epping Forest, spanning from East London to Essex, has been a haunting location for outlaw Dick Turpin, cop killer Harry Roberts, and murder victims, including Ronald Jebson.

The 50-acre forest near Chesapeake Bay is haunted by ghosts of British soldiers and pirates who buried treasure in the 17th and 18th centuries.