Sofia Vergara, a co-star in Netflix's "Griselda," is expressing admiration for Karol G's first acting role.

 The series is based on the biography of Griselda Blanco, a shrewd and ambitious individual who established one of the most influential drug cartels in history.

In the series, Karol G portrays Carla, a mother who is determined to establish one of the most lucrative drug trafficking organizations in history.

Karol G has worked with Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj, and now he's working with Narcos and Narcos: Mexico creators.

The series marks Karol G's acting debut, with her music videos garnering billions of views and her retro look depicting vivid and fantastical paradises.

The reggaeton roots of Karol G provide an explanation for the political and social influences that the limited series draws upon.

There is currently a streaming service known as Netflix that allows users to see the film "Griselda" in its entirety.

The moment that one reaches the stage where they are considered a member of the group I am Theresa Blanco Griselda Rosa. You are welcome.