Google has terminated the employment of Fitbit executives, including co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman.

Additionally, employees from Google's augmented reality division have been terminated, which may indicate that the company will cease developing augmented reality hardware.

Additionally, those who are employed by the central engineering organisation are impacted by the cuts that have been implemented

 The layoffs at Google Assistant are part of ongoing organizational restructuring that began in the latter half of 2023.

 Google has confirmed several hundred positions are being cut in its Devices and Services team, with the majority of the cuts occurring in the 1P AR hardware team.

Google has eliminated a significant number of jobs, including hundreds of positions in engineering and other departments.

These are the terms of the agreement that Google has with its employees regarding the freedom of expression that they are entitled to.

Hundreds of employees from Google's assistant, hardware, and augmented reality teams are receiving terminations from their positions.