The game between the Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks is scheduled to take place on Wednesday evening.

 The Warriors are grieving the passing of assistant coach Dejan Milojevic, who passed away at the age of 46.

 The NBA reschedules the Warriors' next two games, with an extra four days granted due to an anomaly in the calendar.

The Warriors' current season, marked by a record of 18-22 and a 12th-place placement in the Western Conference standings, is increasingly disappointing.

As of right now, both the Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks are going through a string of two straight defeats.

The Warriors are unable to use Gary Payton II, Chris Paul, and Moses Moody since they are all suffering from ailments.

 The Atlanta Hawks are without Trae Young due to a concussion, De'Andre Hunter, Wesley Matthews, Vit Krejci, and Mouhamed Gueye.