The "Noida Utsav" event will be held from the second to the fourth of February, and it will be hosted by the well-known organization NASVI.

 The festival, organized in collaboration with SIDBI, will feature street food from various regions of India.

 The event will run from noon to 10 p.m. and will feature street food vendors and handicraft artisans from various regions.

The event will mark the inaugural "zero waste food festival," prohibiting vendors from using disposable plastic materials.

The festival aims to enhance recognition and support for street food vendors, improving their chances of earning a sustainable livelihood.

"Noida Utsav" is a festival that takes place in Noida and its primary focus is on the hyper-local street food.

India-made sweets and snacks that are taken out to the street for consumption. Totally developed by Guruji himself in its entirety