A remote West Bengal railway station is haunted by a white-sari spectral, allegedly causing a death. However, government dismisses reports and reopened in 2009.

The Paradise of Suicide, a metro station known for its eerie scenes and sudden disappearances, is a popular spot for commuters who travel late at night.

The station near a mortuary has experienced numerous eerie incidents, including nine mysterious deaths, train breakdowns, and commuters being pulled by invisible hands.

The former Croydon railway station in London is now closed to tourists due to a reported ghost sighting of a suicide-suicided loco-driver.

Waterfront Station in Canada is known for its spooky atmosphere, with frequent apparitions and ghosts reported by regular visitors and night vigil guards.

Panteones station in Mexico City is known for its screams, shadowy figures, and footsteps, referencing nearby cemeteries and the metro service line 2.

In South West Sydney, a deserted station has uncanny tales, including a blood-covered teenage girl appearing and ghostly figures observed by Ghost Haunting Australia.

Union Station in Phoenix, USA, closed in 1995, is haunted by the ghost of Fred, a poltergeist who still has offices in the attic.

Irish railway station residents and passengers have reported ghastly sightings of soldiers due to bomb damage from WWII attacks, prompting further investigation by Ghost Hunters.