13-year-old Willis Gibson, known as "Blue Scuti," has successfully completed the original Nintendo version of Tetris.

Gibson's progress in Tetris has led to the game becoming unplayable due to initial programming constraints.

Gibson achieved the "kill screen" stage in under 39 minutes, a stage where the game malfunctions.

Previously, it was believed that only artificial intelligence could achieve such a feat, but he ultimately scored 6.8 million.

Tetris, in its traditional form, entails arranging geometric shapes in a vertical orientation with the objective of forming a line that is continuous.

 Gibson has been participating in tournaments since 2021, qualifying for the Classic Tetris World Championship in October.

Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris in 1985, and it has sold in excess of 520 million units all over the world.

Gibson has been playing Tetris since the age of 11 and dedicates three to five hours per day to the activity.