Weathers was born on January 14, 1948, in New Orleans, and had a diverse range of activities throughout his life.

He played collegiate football at San Diego State University and later transitioned into acting after his professional football career.

 He portrayed the character of Colonel Al Dillon in the film "Predator," sharing the screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

In 2006, Stallone sought Weathers' consent to use footage from previous "Rocky" films into the sixth installment of the series, "Rocky Balboa."

Weathers secured minor roles in television procedural shows and took on the responsibility of directing episodes of these shows.

 In 2021, he received his first Emmy nomination for his role as Greef Karga in the Disney+ series "The Mandalorian."

 His talent was showcased in action movies, comedies, and television dramas, earning him an Emmy nomination.