The novel "Rooted" written by Deborah Zoe Laufer delves into philosophical topics by situating them within the framework of our existence.

Following a break of fifteen years, the Florida Grand Opera will once again perform "I Pagliacci" with three principal actors.

Serge Strosberg's unique artistic approach combines expressionism and naturalism to depict influential individuals who transformed marshy territory into a recreational area.

 The exhibition will use augmented reality technology to immerse spectators in Palm Beach Island sites.

Local restaurants, chefs, and premium markets will sell fresh fish at the event. The event will feature these businesses.

 Live music and DJ performances will be provided throughout the day, alternating with brief DJ performances.

There is a petting zoo, a mobile cigar club, axe throwing, and a cornhole game among the activities that are available.

The event will also feature a cornhole competition to raise funds for the Boca Raton Firefighters and Paramedic Benevolent Fund