Florence Pugh, an Oscar-nominated actor, showcased her unique style at a promotional event for her upcoming film, Dune: Part Two.

 Pugh wore a custom-made ivory set from London-based fashion brand Galvan, featuring diamond-shaped mirrors and silver wraparound heels.

 The outfit perfectly captured the essence of sci-fi elegance, serving as a fitting homage to her portrayal of Princess Irulan in the film.

 Pugh also showed respect for her character, the austere Princess Irulan, by choosing metallics and neutrals in the trailer.

As shown by her 2022 Valentino Haute Couture show outfit in hot pink and her 2024 Golden Globes dress in red, Pugh loves sheer.

Pugh's choice of clothing is a testament to her understanding of her own identity and her ability to find uniqueness in her choice of clothing.

In the film "Midsommar," which was directed by Ari Aster, Pugh played the role that launched her career.

She made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portraying the character Yelena Belova, and is set to portray the same character again in the upcoming film Thunderbolts.