According to the Miss Mouawad Miss Universe crown, which has a value of $5 million, it represents "the power of unity." 

Unbelievably, the "Beauty with a Purpose" tiara that Manushi Chillar, the winner of Miss World, was awarded is worth a staggering $750,000.   

Between the years 1954 and 1960, the Romanov Imperial wedding crown, which had been crafted between the years 1952 and 1953, was worn.  

During the new Miss Intercontinental 2005 competition, the crown was used to crown the winner of the competition.  

Mikimoto Crown (1970-1998, 2015-present) - This crown was designed by Tomohiro Yamaji for the Mikimoto Company, the official sponsor of Miss International Jewelry 

Tomohiro Yamaji designed the Mikimoto Crown (1970-1998, 2015-present) for Miss International Jewelry's official sponsor. 

The well-known crown that is worn by the Miss Universe is manufactured by Diamond International Corporation (DIC), and it costs $300,000. 

Diamond Nexus Labs created the crown with 1,371 gems totaling 416 carats. An alloy containing 14K and 18K white gold and platinum.  

Miss Universe's jewellery sponsor is Mikimoto. According to the sponsorship contract, the crown's rising phoenix symbolised status, power, and beauty.