The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed a temporary suspension on certain Boeing 737 Max 9 aircrafts used by U.S. carriers.

 The decision comes in response to an incident where a panel detached from an Alaska Airlines flight while it was in midair.

The FAA mandates prompt inspections of specific Boeing 737 Max 9 aircrafts prior to their resumption of flight.

Boeing has expressed its utmost concern for safety and expressed regret for the negative consequences of the incident

As part of its maintenance and safety inspections, Alaska Airlines has grounded all 65 of its 737 Max 9 aircraft

 Copa Airlines has confirmed its compliance with the decision and has temporarily halted flights on the affected aircraft

Both the manner in which the panel will detach from the passenger plane and the timing of its detachment are still unknown.

A Boeing 737-800 from Copa Airlines was involved in a runway excursion that took place just outside of Panama City.