The African Grey Parrot, a highly intelligent bird with problem-solving, vocal mimicry, and human language abilities, is facing threats from habitat loss and illegal trapping.

Budgerigars, Australian parrots known for their cheerful chirping and social nature, face threats from habitat destruction and drought, despite their trainability and popularity as pets.

Yellow-naped Amazons, renowned for their vibrant green plumage and playful behavior, are facing a decline due to habitat loss and illegal trapping.

The Eclectus Parrot, a unique species in New Guinea's tropical rainforests, is known for its sexually dimorphic male and female appearances, which initially puzzled early ornithologists.

The Indian Ring Parakeet, a vibrant, adaptable parrot species native to India, feeds on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects, showcasing its distinctive black ring.

Monk Parakeet, a unique, adaptable parrot species, has established feral populations in Europe and the Americas, fostering a social lifestyle and attracting bird enthusiasts.

The Hill Myna, a charismatic bird species in Southeast Asia, is renowned for its exceptional mimicry and vocal abilities, often attracting human attention for illegal pet trade.

Cockatoos, a popular parrot species in Australia and Indonesia, are threatened by illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss.

Yellow-crowned Amazon, a charismatic parrot species in South and North America, faces habitat loss, illegal pet trade, and social behavior issues causing population decline.

Conservation efforts for the Blue-Fronted Amazon, a South American parrot species, focus on preserving natural habitats, addressing illegal trade, and raising responsible pet ownership awareness.