In his writings, Jaishankar supports India's global positions and stresses the significance of a multipolar globe.

Prior to the meeting, Jaishankar emphasized the need for a transformation in political and global order.

The primary objective is to enhance bilateral collaboration across various domains while adapting to evolving conditions.

The focus will be on analyzing the global strategic landscape, focusing on areas of conflict and tension, and examining development obstacles faced by the Global South.

Lavrov commended India's contribution to the G-20 and supported New Delhi's bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat.

On his five-day journey to Russia, Jaishankar met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Manturov and reached agreements on Kudankulam nuclear power facility development.

Modern Diplomacy notes that India's foreign policy is becoming more aggressive as a result of Jaishankar's visit to Russia.

While Jaishankar is in Moscow meeting with Lavrov, the two countries' leaders have decided to increase their economic relations.