Jessica Lange's role in 'Feud' has been revealed, with Tom Hollander describing her as "magnificent."

In the second episode, "Ice Water in Their Veins," Truman Capote, portrayed by Tom Hollander, experiences a supernatural manifestation of his deceased mother, portrayed by Lange.

Jessica Lange portrays Truman in 'Feud', whose relationship with his 'Swans' leads to mental and emotional decline, excessive alcohol use, and unpredictable behavior.

During a vulnerable moment, Truman unexpectedly meets his mother, who discloses Lange's involvement.

Lange, a frequent collaborator of series creator Ryan Murphy, was a delight for star Hollander, who praised her performance and diligence.

Jessica Lange's role in the 'Feud' TV series provided an opportunity for her to enhance her skills despite the presence of other renowned actors.

Jessica Lange's portrayal of Ryan Murphy in the 'Feud' TV series showcases her exceptional talent and discernment in selecting female companions.

"Ice Water in Their Veins" explores Jessica Lange's role in Truman Capote's erratic behavior and his encounter with his late mother.