Robach, a former GMA3 co-host, made her TikTok debut on Tuesday, expressing her desire to "reclaim control over her own story."

She shared her identity as a 50-year-old woman with two daughters aged 17 and 21, and her decision to embrace love.

Robach expressed her appreciation for her podcast with T.J. Holmes, describing it as a "novel undertaking" she is learning alongside her collaborator.

She shared a video of her and Holmes participating in a snowy run in New York City and their participation in the 2023 N.Y.C. Marathon.

 Robach and Holmes are currently contemplating their potential marriage, stating they did not enter the relationship for amusement or curiosity.

In spite of the fact that they are of different ages, Holmes made the announcement that he expressed his desire to marry Robach.

They have discussed the integration of their respective families, including Robach's two daughters from her previous marriage to Andrew 

Robach expressed her satisfaction with the restoration of normalcy and the ease and effortlessness of their family life.