The initial public offering (IPO) intends to generate a total of 1,600 crore by issuing new shares with a value of 1,000 crore. 

A total of 0.19 subscriptions have been received for the initial public offering (IPO), with the retail category displaying a higher interest rate of 0.63. 

Before this point, the group that is referred to as Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) has not shown any signs of having subscribed to anything. 

On average, non-institutional investors (NII) will contribute approximately 0.10 percent of the total subscriptions. This percentage is approximately 0.10 percent. 

Within the context of the initial public offering, the value of the Grey Market Premium (GMP) is ten rupees. 

The projected listing price is expected to be Rs 1,268, indicating a potential increase of 0.79 percent per share. 

There are eleven company shares included in the lot size, and the allocation is anticipated to take place on February 14, 2024. 

As the company's registrar during the initial public offering (IPO), Link Intime India Private Limited is responsible for the company's registration. 

Subscribing to the initial public offering (IPO) is recommended by Ventura Securities and BP Equities due to the potential for expansion and growth. 

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