Emmy Russell, granddaughter of country singer Loretta Lynn, performed her song "Skinny" during her audition on American Idol.

Judges, including Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, were impressed by Russell's performance. 

Russell, who has been singing music her whole life, revealed her relationship with country singer Loretta Lynn and her desire to assert and take ownership of her voice. 

Among the many things that people remember about the legendary country music singer Loretta Lynn is her revolutionary songwriting and activism. 

Russell received a unanimous "yes" vote from all three judges, securing her spot to perform in the next round of the competition in Hollywood 

After her audition, Emmy Russell, who is Loretta Lynn's granddaughter and a contestant on American Idol, makes progress in her journey.  

Russell's performance was about an eating disorder, and the judges commended her for her songwriting skills. 

It is impossible to overstate how impressed the judges on "American Idol" are with the performance of Loretta Lynn's granddaughter.