Naomi Osaka, a two-time Australian Open champion, suffered a sudden defeat in Melbourne, losing to Caroline Garcia.

Garcia's accuracy was crucial in crucial moments, despite her four Grand Slam titles.

Osaka, 26, took a break from her professional career in September 2022 due to mental health issues.

After the birth of her daughter, she resumed her participation in the new season and returned to the location where she had previously won in 2019 and 2021.

 Naomi Osaka returns to Grand Slam tennis after maternity leave, but suffers a first-round loss to Caroline Garcia.

Despite her return, Osaka was unable to regain her previous championship-winning performance against Garcia.

This was Osaka's earliest exit in eight Australian Open visits and her third successive loss in the opening round of a Grand Slam.

Osaka's prowess, which propelled her to win four Grand Slam titles prior to her hiatus, remained intact, but she required time to regain her precision in crucial moments.