"Dunki Box Office Buzz" 

Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki faces off against Salaar, making waves with a 35 crore INR opening day despite stiff competition."

"Day 1 Triumph" 

Dunki delights with a phenomenal 35 Crore INR debut, capturing hearts nationwide. Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal stand out with impressive earnings 

Festive Flourish 

Released during the festive season, Dunki leverages Shah Rukh Khan's popularity for a strong start, promising continued success.

Dunki vs. Salaar Showdown 

The intense clash unfolds as Salaar takes the lead in initial box office reports, sparking behind-the-scenes actions and a fierce battle for supremacy

"Critical Cheers" 

Dunki wins hearts with its entertaining narrative and stellar performances. Director Rajkumar Hirani's return after five years adds to the film's allure 

"Hit or Flop Verdict Awaited" 

Early signs look promising for Dunki with a strong opening, positive reviews, and regional success. The final verdict unfolds as audiences share their thoughts.

"Dunki's Promising Future" 

Dunki not only starts strong but also holds broad audience appeal. With Shah Rukh Khan's charisma and positive reviews, it sets the stage for a potential box office success.