On February 6, a video that was allegedly sexually explicit was uploaded by Drake, which caused widespread outrage on social media.

Adam22, the founder of No Jumper, asserted that he had witnessed Drake's genitalia and compared them to a missile before making his claim.

 Adam22, founder of No Jumper, claimed to have seen Drake's genit Drake's popularity on social media is currently just below late country singer Toby Keith.alia, comparing it to a missile.

 Drake was the subject of a trending discussion on X, formerly known as Twitter, about a potential "leak" of a video that could potentially link him to inappropriate content.

Streamer Adin Ross, who has knowledge of the leaked information about Drake and has access to his phone number, contacted Drake to inquire about the video.

Drake responded by sending Ross a message containing "eight laughing emojis" and suggesting the possibility of incorporating Ross' voice note as the introduction for his upcoming album.

Despite the controversy, fans are speculating about Drake's indifferent attitude towards the scandal.

Despite the controversy, fans are eagerly anticipating an official statement from Drake or his representatives.

The video depicts a recognizable rap celebrity showcasing his additional skills, despite the possibility that the person in the video is not Drake.