Donald Trump, a former Republican president, faced widespread rejection and a violent insurrection in the U.S. Capitol after leaving the White House.

 He was the first president to undergo impeachment proceedings twice, and his followers' violent actions left the city in a state of shock and turmoil.

 Despite his defeat, Trump is rapidly approaching the Republican nomination, with decisive wins in the initial two 2024 nominating contests and significant leads in upcoming state polls.

 He has won both the Iowa and New Hampshire contests and holds the record for the largest victory margin in the history of the Iowa caucus.

Trump faces 91 felony charges for mishandling classified documents, conspiring to overturn the 2020 election, and paying a porn star during his 2016 campaign.

 A civil fraud lawsuit in New York is currently facing Trump, posing a significant risk to his control over a substantial portion of his business holdings.

A recent court ruling ordered Trump to pay $83.3 million to a woman he was found legally responsible for sexually abusing due to defamatory statements.

Trump's likely nomination for his party's third consecutive presidential election reminds us of the GOP's brief chance to transcend him, which was missed.

 The Nevada primary election, which did not feature former President Trump as a candidate, is the sole competition in the state that will allocate delegates to contribute to the nominating process.