Her birth marks the first African elephant calf to be born at Disney's Animal Kingdom in seven years.

Disney states that adult females within the herd typically aid in the upbringing of young elephants until they reach a stage of self-sufficiency, typically around the age of 8. 

Corra, an African elephant born at Disney's Animal Kingdom, is expected to increase baby elephant births, with Disney officials anticipating two more offspring in 2025. 

The herd, a multigenerational herd, mimics the natural habitat of elephants in the wild, where multiple generations coexist. 

The birth of Corra has improved family dynamics within the herd, with younger individuals showing a higher level of maturity. 

Corra's father, Mac, is not present in the family setting, indicating a preference for older girls in the herd. 

Disney and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums monitored Nadirah's reproductive hormone levels from conception to birth. 

Currently, Corra is learning to adapt to the savanna environment and behave like an elephant, observing her mother's behavior and observing her own behavior. 

During her very first appearance, Disney's Corra, a baby elephant, makes her debut at Animal Kingdom for the very first time.