A video reveals two colossal humanoid beings, measuring 10 feet in height, walking on Ilha do Mel, a Brazilian island.

The creatures are described as being of a size that exceeds typical human proportions and swinging their arms in a disturbingly anthropomorphic fashion.

The video has gained widespread popularity on the internet, following similar claims about 10-foot-tall extraterrestrial beings in a Miami mall.

The individuals, including Brazilian hiker Sara Daleti, have disseminated these claims on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Despite the claims, the entities maintain their position on the mountain for the duration of the video.

UFO specialist Nick Pope remains sceptical of the account, stating that there is no empirical evidence to support the occurrence of any event associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.

 Social media users have refuted the notion of the entities being extraterrestrial beings, suggesting an alternative possibility.

A video of two large humanoid figures walking through the foothills of Ilha do Mel island in Southeast Brazil has sparked widespread speculation about alien visitations.