The Dallas Cowboys' aspirations of vying for a Super Bowl were shattered after a 48-32 defeat in the wild-card round against the Green Bay Packers.

 Dak Prescott, the quarterback, expressed dissatisfaction with his performance, stating he performed poorly.

Prescott had two interceptions and one touchdown for the other team in the first half despite 400 yards and three touchdowns.

The Cowboys, who went undefeated in the regular season, missed the conference championship tournament after 13 consecutive appearances.

Prescott expressed his astonishment at the loss and expressed his inability to overcome the disappointment and attain playoff success.

The Cowboys' offence displayed a lack of energy in front of their home fans, leading to a rapid deterioration.

The Cowboys are currently facing numerous uncertainties as they head into the offseason following another unsatisfactory elimination from the playoffs.

Reportedly, Dak Prescott is looking for top dollar, and the Cowboys are going to "heat up" negotiations very soon.