Dakota Johnson, the actress behind "Madame Web," discusses the challenges faced in film production and the potential hindrances of streaming industry executives.

 Johnson's film "Daddio" faced numerous obstacles, including fear and uncertainty, which led to the production of the film.

Johnson acknowledges the industry's grim state and the lack of trust in creative individuals and artists.

Fans of superhero films are expressing their concern about the fact that "Madame Web" is scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day.

 Johnson appreciates the dynamic between herself and the three young women in the film, highlighting their commitment to protecting, assisting, and showing concern for each other.

"Madame Web" presents the independent backstory of Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in Manhattan with potential clairvoyant powers.

Zosia Mamet, Jill Hennessy, Tahar Rahim, Celeste O'Connor, and Mike Epps are some of the actors who are featured in the cast.

 Johnson also discusses her uncomfortable interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and her viral quote about sleeping for 14 hours.