Currently, the price of cryptocurrencies has dropped below $42,400, while Cardano and Chainlink have both lost more than 6%.

Today's cryptocurrency prices include Bitcoin's ascent above $43,000, Ethereum's and Chainlink's ascent to 13%, and more. 

Today, the price of cryptocurrencies is as follows: Bitcoin falls below $42,500; BNB and Polygon both soar up to 20%

The price of cryptocurrencies is currently trading close to $42,800, with Avalanche and Tron falling by up to 3%.

Bitcoin, the world's highest-valued digital asset, saw a 155% increase in value, reaching $44,000 by December 2023, making it one of the most successful asset classes.

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin's price exceeds $44,000 with the initiation of an ETF; Solana and BNB see gains of up to 17%.

In 2024, the celestial bodies are in perfect alignment for bitcoin, with a potential increase in supply and a reduction in ETF demand potentially reaching unprecedented levels.

A spot ETF authorized could potentially cause a negative correction of $32,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) within the next month, a "sell the news" event in financial markets.