Microsoft's market capitalization has decreased by approximately $100 billion, bringing it closer to Apple's valuation.

Microsoft's business heavily relies on AI, and the challenge is determining customer willingness to pay for AI improvements.

Apple's business growth has been hindered by increased competition in China and macroeconomic factors impacting consumer expenditure.

Apple's value is $2.83 trillion, while Microsoft's is $2.73 trillion. In 2023, Microsoft's stock rose 57%, surpassing Apple's.

Apple's stock has been downgraded by two analysts in 2024, warning about potential challenges in the smartphone market.

Apple's downgrade from Barclays on Tuesday resulted in a loss of over $100 billion in market capitalization.

Apple's 6% decline in 2024, while Microsoft's 2% decrease, is due to investors' perception that the Federal Reserve may delay interest rate reductions.

Analysts have identified a possible worldwide economic deceleration as a risk to Apple, as consumers are expected to reduce their spending on expensive products.