Chicken 65 is a chicken appetizer that is deep-fried and seasoned, and it is suitable for dinner parties that have an Indian theme. 

In the event that you are hosting dinner parties with an Indian theme, you should consider serving Chicken 65, which is a chicken appetizer that is deep-fried and seasoned. 

The name "chicken 65" is not known, but it was conceived of in the kitchen of a hotel in the year 1965.  

In order to complete the process, an assortment of spices, cornstarch, and a seasoning paste are combined with chicken.  

The process of deep-frying is straightforward, but it is essential to have a good understanding of the temperature of the oil.  

A heavy cast-iron skillet is beneficial for deep-frying due to its increased mass and thermal stability. 

For the purpose of avoiding the consumption of foods that are high in oil, it is recommended that small portions be cooked. 

The chicken 65 is a meal that can be enjoyed without dipping, and it is a meal that can form habits.