The fact that Disney has Moana 2 scheduled to be released in the year 2024 rather than 2023 comes as a quite unexpected development.

When will the sequel to Moana be made available to the public? There are rumors that have been going around about this topic.

We are looking forward to watching the next episode of Moana on television. When will it be available for us to watch?

It has been established that Disney is now working on Moana 2, and I am eagerly anticipating the day when it will be released.

An Insight into the Exciting World of Moana 2: A Journey Beyond the Seas Moana 2: An Exploration into the Exciting World

It has been confirmed that Moana will not have a romantic interest in the upcoming film titled "Drifting Back Around."

A version of Disney's "Moana" written in Hawaiian will be made available to elementary and secondary schools in Hawaii. 

The official thoughts of people from countries that are part of the Pacific Island region with regard to the film "Moana"