Jannik Sinner, the first Italian male player to win a grand slam since 1976, secured his first Australian Open championship against Daniil Medvedev in a five-set final.

The tournament ended with a dramatic finale, with 35 matches that went to five sets, matching the record for any grand slam in the Open Era.

Jannik Sinner wins the Australian Open Championship after unexpectedly winning the third set, disrupting Medvedev's serve for the first time.

Jannik Sinner triumphed in the Australian Open Championship, overcoming a deficit in the fourth and fifth sets through his impressive comeback performance.

Jannik Sinner wins the Australian Open Championship, becoming the youngest male player to win since 2008 and the third Italian man to win a grand slam.

Jannik Sinner has won the Australian Open Championship, showcasing a range of emotions and pride in a challenging match.

Despite the exhaustion of Medvedev, Sinner managed to break Medvedev's serve when he needed to hold it, marking the start of his remarkable comeback. 

Jannik Sinner's comeback victory at the Australian Open Championship showcases his mental awareness of potential advantages over Medvedev.