It has been decided that Pauly Shore, an actor, will play the role of Richard Simmons in a biographical film.

The project, developed by The Wolper Organisation, is distinct from the short film "The Court Jester" which will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

Simmons, a fitness personality, gained fame in the 1980s for his aerobic videos titled "Sweatin' to the Oldies."

The public distance that Simmons has maintained from the project was addressed in a post that Simmons made on Facebook.

“I no longer have a manager, and I no longer have a publicist,” Simmons added. “I just try to live a quiet life and be peaceful. Thank you for all your love and support.”

On the 19th of January, the film The Court Jester, which was directed by Jake Lewis, will make its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

In a short film titled "The Court Jester," which will be released prior to the release of the film, Shore will play the role of Simmons.

Shore expressed interest in the potential collaboration on social media, stating he is hopeful about the opportunity to reveal Simmons' life to the public.