There will be episodes of "Yellowstone" shown on CBS on both Sunday and Monday. These days are scheduled to be the weekends.

Throughout the course of the episode, Kevin Costner plays the role of John Dutton, the father of a ranching family in Montana.

Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham are some of the actors that are included in the cast.

On Sunday, January 28th, the sixth and seventh episodes of "Yellowstone" will be shown on television programs.

The eighth episode is scheduled to be shown today, which is Monday, January 29, and it is scheduled to do so.

It is scheduled that episodes 9 and 10 will be shown on television on Monday, January 29, and that this broadcast will take place.

The tenth episode is planned to be shown on Monday, January 29th, according to the programming schedule.

There will be a free live stream of the season three finale of "Yellowstone" happening tonight (January 29th, 24th).