Cori Bush, a Missouri Democratic Representative, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for campaign money use.

Bush has made it clear that he has not used any monies from the federal government for employing personal security personnel.

 The probe focuses on members of Congress using Bush's Member Representation Allowance, a fund for covering office-related expenditures.

 Bush attributed the allegations to right-wing groups and referred to her husband's involvement in the campaign.

Bush defended her husband's involvement in the campaign and accused them of being designed to divert her attention from her congressional duties.

 Bush faced criticism in February for marrying her security guard, Cortney Merritts, and continuing to pay him from her campaign funds for his security services.

The investigation is something that Cori Bush accepts, despite the fact that she has denied the "false" assertion that campaign spending was a "false" declaration.

Cori Bush's campaign paid her husband for security services - but he doesn't have a private security license