Burger King is offering a special Croissan'wich breakfast sandwich for just one cent on National Croissant Day, January 30th.

When breakfast is served in Burger King restaurants in the United States, customers will have the opportunity to buy the deal.

A Croissan'wich sandwich may also be made with egg and cheese, ham, bacon, or sausage. Other versions include these ingredients.

Signing up for Burger King's Royal Perks reward program is required for customers who want to take advantage of this promotion.

This offer is being made available so that customers may take advantage of Burger King's one-of-a-kind promotions that are held on fictitious holidays.

 The croissant, despite its origins in the 13th century, is traced back to a roll called the "kipferl" served in 1839 at a Paris bakery.

The restaurant chain Burger King intends to launch an entirely new restaurant remodel sometime around the year 2024.