J-Hope, a member of the boy band BTS who is currently serving in the South Korean military, celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday. 


BTS member J-Hope has joined the South Korean Army, making him the second member of the group to do so. 


The generations of BTS J-Hope, including their ages, girlfriends, real names, and histories, as well as their net worth in the year 2024 


In an interview with GQ Australia, J-Hope expressed sadness over the effects of ageing and his unsure character as Jung Hoseok. 


He admitted to being unaware of Jung Hoseok's character and acknowledged his occasional cold or aloof behavior. 


The hashtag "Happy Hope Day" was used by J-Hope to accompany the photographs that she posted to her Instagram account. 


He began compulsory military duty on April 18 and shared photos of him guiding soldier trainers on a 20-kilometre ruck march. 


Additionally, J-Hope was happy to pose for photographs and engaged in nice conversations with other service personnel. He was also willing to pose for photographs.