A horror thriller titled "Bramayugam" is scheduled to be released on Thursday. Rahul Sadasivan is the director of the film. 

Man named Kodumon Potty is the protagonist of the movie, which stars Mammootty and tells the story of his life.  

Fans have praised the film for its exceptional acting and the initial portion, while others found it tediously uninteresting. 

One fan described the first half of the film as frightening, with fans expressing a strong emotional response to Mammootty's performance. 

Another fan praised the director's decision to produce the film in black and white, predicting the start of the second half. 

Despite the leisurely pace, the film's great performance enhances it, making it a captivating watch. 

Mammootty announces on social media that the first look poster for Bramayugam is now available, and that filming has begun. 

I am interested in learning more about the real-life personality of Mammootty, who is a well-known actor in Malayalam films.