BP's Whiting refinery in northwest Indiana experienced a power outage, leading to an evacuation and temporary cessation of operations.

The evacuation was initially limited to employees stationed at an office building within the refinery. However, BP decided to remove all employees as a precautionary measure.

The refinery complex, located along Lake Michigan, was releasing excess gas through its stacks due to the power failure.

 BP spokesperson Christina Audisho stated that the company is currently ensuring the safety of refinery personnel and the surrounding community.

The refinery is the largest in the U.S. Midwest and ranks sixth in terms of size nationwide.

The Whiting refinery has a daily processing capacity of approximately 440,000 barrels of crude oil, producing a diverse range of liquid fuels and asphalt.

 The shutdown may endure for a minimum of one week, but there is no guarantee.

The ability to restart depends on the speed of power restoration and the presence of any damage.