The RV400 BRZ is the most economical model in Revolt Motors' range, priced at Rs 137,950 (approximately $1,662 USD).

Based on the RV400 series of electric motorcycles produced by the same brand, the RV400 BRZ is a derivative of the RV400 series.

The main components are the battery and motor, with a 3.24-kilowatt-hour battery pack and a 5-kilowatt motor respectively.

The RV400 BRZ achieves a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour and a range of 150 kilometers on a single charge when operating in eco mode.

The RV400 BRZ does not come equipped with any cutting-edge technologies, such as keyless ignition or smartphone connectivity.

 It includes regenerative braking, a combined braking system (CBS), and a sidestand motor cutoff for enhanced safety.

This item comes with a digital instrument cluster that displays information such as the ride mode, the battery level, and the speed.