Billie Joe Armstrong, a well-known character in the punk rock scene, has been forthcoming with PEOPLE magazine regarding his personal life.

The song "Bobby Sox" was initially conceived by Armstrong, who was inspired by his wife and their shared hobby of watching The Office.

During a Green Day performance in Minneapolis, Armstrong and Adrienne embarked on their romantic journey together.

Both Armstrong and Adrienne have been confronted with a great deal of difficulty, but they have been able to triumph over it.

The punk rock party that Green Day hosted in Tulsa lasted for more than two hours, which was a delight for the band's enthusiastic followers.

At the American Music Awards, the FIAT 124 Spider served as the official vehicle for the arrivals that took place on the red carpet.

Advice to Assist Deputies in Locating the Stolen Classic Chevrolet Nova Being owned by Billie Joe Armstrong, a member of Green Day