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Manas Madhu, the sole proprietor of Beyond Snack, is the person responsible for the establishment of the multimillion-dollar business known as Beyond Snack. 

Since 2018, Madhu, who was born and raised in Kerala, has been operating his first business under the moniker Dr. Jackfruit. 

Madhu persisted in his enthusiasm for banana chips, a product that is created from bananas grown in Kerala, despite the fact that he had some first setbacks. 

The fact that there were not enough banana chips of a good quality available on the market at the time contributed to the success of the company. 

In Pune, you can purchase Jackfruit Chips at a price of Rs 1750 per kilogramme, with free shipping and worldwide delivery. 

The Assam (State) Snack Factory, also known as the K Snack Factory, is responsible for producing the Jackfruit Chips that are popular in Kerala. 

Banana chips and jackfruit chips, both of which are indigenous to Kerala, have been combined to create this delicious snack.